Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fae Slouch Hat

LOVE this pattern even though the first one didn't come out just right.. So I did another.. yeah the black and green looks MUCH better. I wear it every day.The pink was too big for me, so I donated it to the garage sale for Leila's memorial service. (See previous post.)
Fantasy Fae slouch hat pattern can be found here. Like I said before, her stuff is awesome! (Same lady as the Convertible Hat)

Leilani Marie's Teeny Hats

 These hats were made for a very special little girl. My friend Virginia went into labor at 24 weeks and gave birth to the most beautiful child I've ever seen. She weighed only 1lb 4oz but was such a fighter. Her friend Jessica started a group to make hats for this tiny angel. Unfortunately, though she fought SO hard to stay, Leila passed away at only 12 days old. She touched hundreds, if not thousands of people and made people around the world stop and unite for one purpose: to pray for someone other than themselves.. And I believe that was Leila's mission.. To help people to see past their own problems, and to pray for healing for someone they may not have even known.
 This is my most favorite hat that I've made for anybody and I'll never make another fairy hat like this one again. But I will be making more tiny hats and donating them to the NICU in Fresno in Leila's name, so that people here that might not have the means to do this have hats to make their child's stay a little more bearable with a little whimsy.

Bearded Fun!

A friend requested this one.. I made it so the beard is removable so she can wear the cute hat without it.

More Slouchy Hats

 Made for my mom's friend's daughter.. The color is actually "Honey" not green.. lol

Gray one is my original with the band redone..I felt like it needed to be wider.

Pattern can be found here:

Wrist warmers, Munchkin Style

 My munchkin said her hands were cold, so I whipped these up in about an hour. She loves them, and so do I!

Convertible Hat

 So I came across this pattern and HAD to make it! I varied the band just a bit (I HATE HATE HATE backpost stitches.. so I just used regular dc with frontpost..) and used half double instead of single because I'm lazy and sc takes too long. :P
The original pattern can be found here. Her stuff is AMAZING!! I'm actually going to her etsy right now to buy a new pattern.. the grey wizard hat! YOU SHALL NOT PASS!! HAHA!

Round 2

Headbands, Round 1


 Armwarmers needed updating..
One of a kind cap.. it was a pain...

Terrible Pic...

But I love this hat. :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Crochet hook Case

Yes it's crooked and ghetto looking, but hey... it does the job.

First slouchy hat.... first of many...

Fave hat till I made another down the road... still a go-to on a bad hair day. :D

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The beginning stash..

Bear Ear Hat

My first successful hat! This particular one was donated to a yard sale last week to help a friend after the passing of their sweet baby, Leila. It went to a good home, for a good cause. :)

First Amigurumi....

yeah... he's a sad little zombie... Oh well.. Kayden loves him even with no arms or legs... haha

Friday, February 4, 2011

Starting out...

When I first picked crochet back up a few months ago (my mom taught me like 10 years ago), my goal was to make hats. As it was, I had no idea how to actually read a pattern so I came up with something on my own. Arm warmers. They came out a little wonky, but cute nonetheless.