Thursday, March 10, 2011

Works in Progress

I have several projects started that will (hopefully) be finished today! The first is a pic of the grannies I'm using for a sweet purse! I'll add the URL for the pattern a little later.. it's not bookmarked.

The Second is for a blanket and hat set that I plan to use for a raffle for Relay for life and more for our swap meet thingy in April. I'm super excited since grannies are SO quick and you can use SO many colors!! I love bright colors!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Other interests...

...I have them! I love to garden, and I love my camera. So often the two come together in wonderfully random ways. I also like a lot.. :D

The first is just some weeds in the yard. I thought the texture was nice. 2 is Dusty Miller about to bloom. (I've been slacking because it's not supposed to bloom..) 3 is the dusty miller leaves. 4 is one of my nasturtiums about to bloom. If you've never seen them, look them up. They're beautiful! And 5 is the dusty miller after the blooms open. Now I need to go cut those off.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Girl Scouts :D

So my daughter is a Daisy Girl Scout and our troop leader requested hats for the troop. Well, after I made one hat and one headband I decided the headbands were way cuter! The colors are all the colors of the petals they earn as Daisies. They represent each aspect of the Girl Scout Law.

Newer Stuff

I've been slacking a bit. Been way busy with Girl Scouts and other things, but these are my newest hats. I love the bee! I plan on making a diaper cover to match eventually.

The owl is for a photographer I know. I've been working on more stuff for her and I'm super excited to have my stuff showcased professionally!

The bottom one... well, I was just messing with colors.. I may take the brim off if it looks funny.. I need a model though..

Hat Tags!!

We have a swap meet coming up so I needed tags for all my stuff and this is what I came up with!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fae Slouch Hat

LOVE this pattern even though the first one didn't come out just right.. So I did another.. yeah the black and green looks MUCH better. I wear it every day.The pink was too big for me, so I donated it to the garage sale for Leila's memorial service. (See previous post.)
Fantasy Fae slouch hat pattern can be found here. Like I said before, her stuff is awesome! (Same lady as the Convertible Hat)